Chinese characters

Hieroglyphs are entered similarly to the service 在线试用 Google 输入工具

On the left, under the title of the lesson, is a hint in pinyin. Must be typed in Latin.

Then hit the spacebar.

For example, the first character of Lesson 1 is entered like this:  n   i  space

Type punctuation marks without pressing a space after them.

(You can type punctuation marks  ;   !   ?  without hitting the spacebar before them.)

  1. Lesson 1: Greeting



    Dialogue 1 (there is audio in the Wikibooks). Type the character ¶ with the Enter (return) key.

    Dialogue 2 (Ginny and Owen), audio

    Vocabulary 1-1

    Vocabulary 1-2: Proper Nouns
  2. Lesson 2: Numerals

    Dialogue 2-1 (Tony and Amy)

    Dialogue 2-2 (Tony and Amy)

    Vocabulary 2-1
  3. Lesson 3: Numbers

    3-1: The De {的} particle

    3-2: The Le {了} / Liăo {了} particle

    3-3: The Zhe [着] particle

    3-4: The Zháo [着] particle / Dào [到]

    3-5: The De [得] particle

    Vocabulary 3-1
  4. Lesson 4-1: Word order and Verbs

    Lesson 4-2: A preposition after a subject

    Lesson 4-3: Topic-Comment

(To be continued…)
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